Anxiety & Depression Psychotherapy Services

What is PsYchotherapy

In psychotherapy, you are given an opportunity to explore areas of difficulty or problems in your life. In your initial session, you give information about your background and you discuss your issues and difficulties. Then, your psychologist works collaboratively with you to help you identify what you would like to work on. The identified issues and areas are explored via proven forms of therapy to help you to work through your issues and feel that you are able to learn strategies cope more effectively.

What are common reasons for Seeking psychotherapy?


Anxiety can show up in many forms – nervousness, worry, panic, fears and avoidance, repetitive behaviours, and reactions to traumatic experiences.

A psychologist can work with someone to help with their anxiety problems (whether it is to gain a sense of mastery over feelings of panic, to learn to manage nightmares and flashbacks, learn to worry and ruminate less, and change repetitive or compulsive behaviours).

A variety of therapeutic techniques may be utilized by a psychologist from relaxation training, mindfulness/calming techniques, somatic experiencing, behavioural strategies, and other problem solving approaches.


Depression is more than just feeling the blues. It can often interfere with someone’s life satisfaction, ability to work, and functioning in relationships. Research has shown very clearly that our thoughts can affect our feelings.

Psychologists can assess and show clients strategies to deal with depression. We can help to determine where the depressive problems may be coming from and examine how someone’s ways of thinking might influence their experience of depression. Together, we can look at ways to alter the experience of depression.

Please note that services are not covered under OHIP, but may be covered by insurance or extended health care benefits. 

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