NBI Conference: May 11th-13th, 2018


What Is the NBI Conference? 

Neuropotential Clinics is excited to announce a 3-day course which will allow successful registrants to become administrators of The Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI®), designed by the internationally recognized Creativity and Positive Thinking expert, Dr. Kobus Neethling. This will allow you to become one of the first locally trained administrators of the NBI in Ontario.

The NBI clarifies the different thinking dimensions of the brain and uses this knowledge to guide companies and individuals in their decision making and strategic planning in this exciting business opportunity. The NBI adds value to your company by utilizing the exclusive NBI® battery of instruments. The NBI® is world renowned and has been utilized by major companies, educational institutions, and sport teams with unprecedented success and results.

The NBI® battery of instruments is the world’s largest collection of thinking tools and consists of more than 25 instruments with application areas ranging from business leadership and strategic decision making to personal interests such as parenting and career planning. The training is very practical and after completing the course, you will be able to administer the various instruments in any industry you choose.

The training offers an in depth look into the different quadrants of the brain, teaching the techniques and skills necessary to consult others and analyse their thinking preferences. This leads to more successful interpersonal interactions in organizations and is of crucial importance in any situation or industry.

What You’ll Learn

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various thinking preferences and learn how combining these preferences can improve creative problem solving. In addition, you will learn how to apply the NBI® Brain Profiling instrument to help individuals understand which thinking preferences are dominant for them and help them to understand how others think. You will gain insight into reporting on the results and how you can use the NBI® system in training, learning, coaching, and consulting services.Upon completion of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of the brain quadrants and dimensions, as well as how to administer the various profile instruments, whether for adults or children, individuals or groups.

Master Trainers: Heinz Neethling, Rache Rutherford, and Marita Durr - founding members of the NBI Institute. Links to their profiles: http://www.kobusneethling.co.za/the-team/


The certification provides you with international recognition as an NBI® Practitioner. The training model includes the four quadrants and eight dimensions, how whole-brain thinking works, how to implement and assess the different types profiles, and how to integrate the various tools together. You will also learn how to conduct personal consultations and structure the reports.

What the Course Fee Includes

The course fee includes the training materials, hands-on training, and meals (breakfast, lunch, and two snack breaks provided by Neuropotential Clinics). It also includes certification as an NBI® Practitioner and the right to use the NBI®. You will receive your own NBI administration account with easy-to-use dashboards and the necessary instruments for brain profiling and reporting.

You will be able to assign the instruments to clients and access the profiles that they have completed with their consent. You will also be able to create group profiles relative to their jobs, skills, learning environments, and negativity profiles. Once you have reviewed the profiles, you can print them for sending, or download and email the reports.

Location: Holiday Inn Downtown Toronto

Attendants are responsible for booking their own accommodations. The Holiday Inn Downtown Centre guarantees the best rate when booking online or over the phone.


Please use the following Google Form link to register for the conference (all information collected is kept confidential): https://goo.gl/forms/CixuOqspCLpZrxNM2


Early Bird Registration Fee (Prior to May 1st, 2018): $1200.00 per person

Regular Registration Fee after May 1st, 2018: $1350.00

Payment can be made through credit/debit card or e-transfer. Please contact Rajneel Sharma of Neuropotential Clinics at (416) 398-9991 or at rajneel.sharma@neuropotentialclinics.com to arrange payment. Spaces fill up quickly, so please book early to secure your position. Your position for the practitioners training is only guaranteed after payment is confirmed.

Additional Information

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