Cogmed Memory Training Program

Cogmed Working Memory Training 

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based computer program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory.

Working memory involves keeping information in your mind for a short time, focusing on a task, and remembering what to do next. We use working memory almost constantly in daily life. Working memory is a pathway to several other mental skills, such as memory, concentration, and reasoning.

The complete Cogmed program includes:

  • Initial interview.
  • Start-up session.
  • Five weeks of computer training with weekly coach calls.
  • Wrap-up meeting.
  • Six month follow-up interview.
  • Cogmed training involves 25 sessions of 30-45 minutes each, done over 5 weeks. You complete it at home, according to your own schedule.

Please note that services are not covered under OHIP, but may be covered by insurance or extended health care benefits. 

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